Whisper Craft

Whisper Craft is our first community fan server, and the longest running server! Whisper Craft is a public Bedrock Edition server, currently in its sixth season & there are over 264+ players on the whitelist! Many fun times have been had on the server over the years, and many players keep coming back season after season:) If you would like to explore the previous worlds, there are downloads! Furthermore applications are always open for the current season, in the Discord server.

We are *extremely* strict on who we let in, and don’t tolerate any form of griefing, theft or the like. We have a dedicated mod team, and great community to keep those kinds of trolls out of our worlds! We also have a dedicated application process, that all members must go through before they can play on the server:)

Below you can see some information about, images of, and streams from previous seasons! 

Our amazing Build Team built the spawns for seasons 3, 4, 5 & 6 of Whisper Craft! 💕

Season 6

Season 6 of Whisper Craft started on July 15th 2023 and is the current season! It’s planned to be a full length season, likely lasting until 1.22 or 2024-25! Season 6 features a beautiful underwater world spawn with incredible details everywhere! This season we are also using addons like one player sleep, mob heads, mini blocks, and other cosmetic features! This world spawn is also shared with Derptopia Season 3! This seasons world spawn also features some builds from community members on our Plotworld

Season 5 Builders: Lizz, MeMochi, Jamonsometoast, MakoBlitz, WiFi, Sneaky Bullfrog, Shockwave, Casper

Season 5

Season 5 of Whisper Craft started on January 7th 2022 and ended on July 31st 2023! Season 5 features the biggest and most detailed world spawn we have EVER made, a huge modern city! It fills up 15 small size maps! This season we are also using addons like one player sleep, mob heads, mini blocks, and other cosmetic features! 

Season 5 Builders: Epik, Firecat, Jamonsometoast, PhantomLimb, Masshio, Sneaky Bullfrog, Cassu, Amrays, Phoenix Chronicles, Jinzuoo, Saurita

Season 4

Season 4 of Whisper Craft started on June 9th 2021! Season 4 lasted 6 months, from 1.17 to 1.18, and was reset for the 1.18 update ! This is our first ever short season, and our first time using addons like one player sleep, mob heads, mini blocks, and other cosmetic features! 

Season 4 Builders: Epik, Firecat, Masshio, Sneaky Bullfrog, Amrays, Phoenix Chronicles, Jinzuoo, Saurita

Season 4 Events

Season 3

Season 3 of Whisper Craft started on February 8th 2020 and features the first-ever Build Team world spawn! A gorgeous sprawling medieval port city! Complete with ships to other districts, living areas, mines, high class housing, peasant areas, and shipping yard! Don’t forget the dozens of secrets and easter eggs waiting to be found! The Build Team did an amazing job all around 💕
Season 3 builders: Epik, Grumbly/Cassu, Glausk, Jinzuoo, Saurita, Seb, Levy Mcgarden

Season 3 Events

Season 2

Season 2 of Whisper Craft was started on January 5 2019! We did a lot of firsts this season! This was the first time we have a pre-built world spawn, a properly laid out shopping district, some server-side features, and the introduction of the shulker fortress of DOOM!

Season 2 Events

Season 1

Season 1 of Whisper Craft was started on March 24th 2018! This was our first proper fan server for the community, and was live when we had around 5000 YouTube subs! We learned so much from this world, and the community we have built from this is truly great 😊

Whisper Craft Alpha & Beta

Before there was ever an official server, there was the Whisper Craft Alpha and Beta realms! These were hosted by prominent community members, Whisper Craft alpha was hosted by Chronomas, and Whisper Craft Beta was hosted by Rayadin! These two realms didn’t last long, but they taught up the importance of a strong application system, helped us refine our rules, moderation, and player base! Whisper Craft wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of the Alpha & Beta realms:)

Not many images are left from this time, but here are the few I have!