Derptopia is our survival Bedrock Edition Patron server! Season 3 just started in July of 2023 and will last until 1.21 or beyond! The Derptopia players are extremely dedicated and can often be found building huge bases, massive farms, or other insane projects! They are honestly the best 😊

To join Derptopia check out the Support Silent page! This server is open to Patrons, Twitch subs, Paid Discord Members & YouTube channel members at the $10 tiers! Joining this server also grants you access to our Patron Discord and many other perks!  

You can find world downloads of all seasons here!

Our amazing Build Team built the spawn for season 2 & 3 of Derptopia!

Season 3

Season 3 of Derptopia started on July 15th 2023 and is the current season! It’s planned to be a full length season, likely lasting until 1.22 or 2024-25! Season 3 features a beautiful underwater world spawn with incredible details everywhere! This season we are also using addons like one player sleep, mob heads, mini blocks, and other cosmetic features! This world spawn is also shared with Whisper Craft 6! This seasons world spawn also features some builds from community members on our Plotworld

Season 2 BuildersLizz, MeMochi, Jamonsometoast, MakoBlitz, WiFi, Sneaky Bullfrog, Shockwave, Casper

Season 2

Season 2 of Derptopia started on June 11th 2021 and is the current season! It features a beautiful Aztec world spawn built by the Build Team, and the world is planned to last until 1.19 or beyond! This is our first season using cosmetic add-ons such as mini blocks and mob heads!

Season 2 BuildersEpik, Firecat, Masshio, Sneaky Bullfrog, Amrays, Phoenix Chronicles, Jinzuoo, Saurita

Season 2 Events

Season 1

Season 1 of Derptopia started on July 18th 2019 and lasted over 2 years! So many amazing things were built by the members, such as full on 3d map arts, huge bases, massive farms and perimeters, and so much more! This server started as a realm, was corrupted twice, repaired, and eventually came to a server. It persevered a lot!

Season 1 Builders: James, Soljamom, Toasty Puma, Optimusime, Skim, Randomguyonwifi

Season 1 Events