Syndicate Staff!

Learn about all the Silent Syndicate Staff! Below is every member of our various Mod, Admin, Build and Event planner teams! These are the lovelies behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly, all the time! They deserve all your love and praise!

All of the beautiful people on this page have dedicated countless hours, days, weeks, and even years to serving our community in an unimaginable number of ways.

The Silence wouldn’t be the same without their efforts. Thank you💕

Mod Team


Moderator/Admin Since September 8 2018
I'm skim. I live in the land of corn and pigs (Iowa, definitely better than Colorado). I joined the server way back in the early days (January 2018) when Silent was even more of a derp than he is now! (somehow...) Currently back in school pursuing a career change. When not working on school or moderating the various servers, you'll find me out on the lake, on the range, or doing some cooking.


Moderator Since September 5 2019
Hi! I’m TyCraft102, I am from the great state of Colorado, and I’m a moderator for the Silent Syndicate discord community! When I am not doing schoolwork or working at my family hardware store, some of my favorite hobbies include: Working on the Ranch, kayaking, collecting legos, moderating a variety of discord servers, and playing the occasional video game! I look forward to moderating for this community for many many moments to come!


Moderator Since February 9 2023
Hello! I'm Koolah!


Moderator Since February 9 2023

James (Zerocruel)

Moderator/Admin Since March 10 2019
Howdy! I'm James and I am from the greater-than-Colorado state of Michigan. I joined the server back in 2018 just to flex on Silent a way to make minecart unloaders work...and that really does explain a lot about my dynamic in the server. I work as a service technician for a very large security integrator and specialize in correctional facilities (jails and prisons), airports, and universities. I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2007 and believe that technology is amazing.


Moderator Since March 10 2019
Hello I'm The Queen of Dragons!


Moderator Since September 19 2021
Heya! I'm Hanniburger, and I'm one of the mods on the Silent Syndicate mod team. I'm from the Southern East coast of the US, and I'm married with 2 cats - Pastrami and G-Squirrel. I love playing games on my PS4, Switch, or PC, but since August 2019 all I've really been playing is Minecraft - mainly on Silent's Patron Bedrock server, Derptopia. I love Doctor Who, They Might Be Giants, and Radiohead, my favorite color is purple, and I love vegetables. I also love our amazing community, and I hope you enjoy your time with us!


Moderator Since February 9 2023
Hello! I'm IpreferV!


Moderator Since September 5 2019
"ooga booga caveman brain, metal strong


Moderator Since January 19 2021
Hello! My name is Casper, and I am part of the amazing mod team in the Silent Syndicate! I am 22 years old and I work as a order picker at ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems). I have a few hobbies which include playing Minecraft, doing puzzles, and listening to music. My favorite foods are perogies, French Toast Sticks and Kebabs. My favorite color is blue, red and black. Where am I from you may wonder? Well, I'm from North America and live on the East Coast! I'm glad you decided to read my bio and I hope you enjoy your journey with us here and what we have to offer in the Syndicate!


Moderator Since February 9 2023
Hello! I’m TashTheMinion, from the United Kingdom! I have three adorable grandchildren two of which I have brain washed into Minecraft. The last one I will get to when it’s old enough! I joined Silent’s Patron Bedrock server Derptopia back in October 2021 and it was the best thing I ever did. The community is amazing, giving redstone help or build advice when asked. I was honoured to join the Moderator Team! When I’m not playing Minecraft (which isn’t very often) I am trying my hand at other games but as a full time worker there isn’t enough time. I’m counting down to retirement……13 years to go!

Build Team

Sneaky Bullfrog

Builder Since January 27 2021
Hi my name is Sneaky Bullfrog, but you can call me Sneaky 😀 I have been playing minecraft off and on since around 2013 and overall I have always enjoyed it. I do not consider myself a great builder but I love to try and push myself. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to work with so many awesome people and to be a part of such a great community. You guys are awesome <3. Anyways remember you are never alone, love you peeps take care o/


Builder Since Since February 9 2023
Wardens yes, u get one and you get one, did I mention there might be a Warden loose somewhere


Builder Since Since February 9 2023
Hello I'm WiFi!


Builder Since September 19 2021
Hey! I’m Jamonsometoast but you can call me Jam! I’m a builder on the silent syndicate’s amazing build team and I love all things minecraft. (But you already knew that.) Outside of minecraft I like watching movies, rock climbing and meeting new people. That’s just a little about me, but thanks for reading my bio and I hope to talk to you on the future!


Builder Since September 19 2021
Hello I'm Phantomlimb520!


Builder Since December 10 2019
Hello I'm Cassu!


Builder Since Since February 9 2023
Hello I'm Mako!


Builder Since Since February 9 2023
Hello I'm Mochi!

Event Planners


Event Planner Since January 19 2021
Hi my name is kcreeper! Thanks for reading my bio, its not much, but its mine. I play video games like minecraft, satisfactory, minecraft, transport fever, minecraft, and many more. I currently am an event planner for silent and love workin here! Have fun reading the rest of the bios!


Event Planner Since February 9 2023
Hi! I am Shock, I am an avid Minecraft player trying to make content out of it so I can justify hours of playing the game while off work lol. I found Silents community in 2021 and been here ever since. I like to create and organise games so I am currently an event planner in Silent's team.


Event Planner Since September 19 2021
It's me, Yaseung! A college kid who is an, RTX Content Creator, wannabe Med student, and loves computers!


Event Planner Since February 9 2023
Hello I'm BluestLightning, you can call me Bluest, I love to play minecraft, hollow knight and terraria. I'm the Australian, and I'm the youngest on silent's amazing staff team.

Former Team Members

They Might be gone but they are not forgotten! Over the years many great members have come and gone, including staff members. Those below have spent countless hours helping us and contributed so much to the community in so many ways. I’ll never be able to repay them 💕


Moderator From May 8 2018, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm eaglepham!


Moderator From Sep 7 2019, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm Minusacrobat!


Moderator From Sep 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello! I'm Mart!

JD mustard

Moderator From Jan 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm JD mustard!


Builder From Jan 27 2021, Feb 9 2023
I place blocks with zero knowledge - This is the way.


Builder From Dec 10 2019, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm Jinzuoo!


Builder From Jan 27 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello, I am am and I build.


Builder From Dec 10 2019, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm epik! No, really!


Builder From Dec 10 2019, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm Saurita!


Event Planner From Jan 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm PandaRampage!


Event Planner From Sep 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm KamikazeAx!


Event Planner From Sep 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm Domdad!


Event Planner From Jan 19 2021, Feb 9 2023
Hello I'm Sacred!


Event Planner From Jan 19 2021, Oct 4 2021 
Hello I'm PsychoticMooMoo!

Toasty Puma

Moderator From Mar 10 2019, Jul 30 2022
Hello, I’m Toasty and most call me Puma. I joined the Syndicate late 2018 when I was looking for people to play Minecraft with. I found an amazing community and have made even more amazing friendships. I currently live in the southeast of the US. I spend most of my days on rooftops as an HVAC Engineer/DDC specialist. In my free time I’m either spending it with my Wife of 10 years and my Son affectionately known as Lil’ Puma. He is the reason I play Minecraft. And in closing I will acknowledge that I am the Dadjoke King of the Server.😏


Moderator From Sep 5 2019, May 23 2022
Hey there o/ I'm Tranker, your friendly neighborhood tech guy and Minecraft enthusiast. I have a YouTube channel but by law I must wait at least 37.4 centuries between videos. I've been a Discord moderator since 2018, joining the Syndicate's team in 2019 and the Hive's (MCBE Featured Server) staff in early 2021. If I'm not cyberbullying helpless players in Skywars or Treasure Wars, I'm tinkering with Discord bots or chilling in MC Java survival. See you around 🙂


Builder From Mar 15 2021, Aug 21 2021
Hello I'm firecat!


Builder From Jan 19 2021, Aug 4 2021
Hello I'm Phoe!


Moderator From Jan 13 2018, Jun 11 2021
Random. And loud.


Moderator From Jan 19 2021, Apr 28 2021
Hello I'm Syre!


Moderator From Dec 8 2018, Jul 25 2021
Hello I'm Optimusime!

Levy Mcgarden30

Builder From Dec 10 2019, Feb 23 2021
Builder – Living on the edge is what I do best


Builder From Dec 10 2019, Feb 1 2021
Hello I'm Seb!


Builder From Dec 10 2019, Mar 4 2021
Hello I'm Glausk!


Moderator From Sept 5 2019, Jul 15 2020
Hello I'm Adam!


Moderator From Apr 10 2018, Mar 7 2020
Hello I'm BlooJooce!


Moderator From Sep 5 2019, Sep 23 2020
Hello I'm Korthal!


Moderator From Aug 15 2017, May 7 2018
Hello I'm Dasher!


Moderator From Jul 20 2017, May 7 2018
Hello I'm Endervein!


Moderator From Jul 8 2017, Dec 14 2019
Hello I'm Nacatl!


Moderator From Aug 8 2017, May 7 2018
Hello I'm SuperSpirito!