Bugrock Of The Week!

BOTW has been a staple series of ours since it was started in November 2018. With bugrock we aim to pivot the outrage at Bedrock Edition bugs, to a more positive community building experience. Simply by making sure the bugs get reported to the bug tracker properly, and sharing how/why/when bugs happen, it really helps the Mojang devs fix them. Not only that, it also helps the community understand the bugs, and how to avoid them, making the game less frustrating for players:)


“Bugrock” Might seem like its a slam against Bedrock, and it was, when BOTW first started it was the name for Bedrock. Since the series has started, it’s hardly ever called bugrock/badrock/brokerock. Overall it’s a positive experience for all. So much, that the devs have actually requested more episodes be made! 😀

If you want to learn more about all of the bugs we have covered in the bugrock series, you can checkout (and even follow) the #bug-tracker channel in our Discord server! If you ever find any bugs you think should be on bugrock, feel free to post them in the #feedback-bugs channel! (Exploits, dupes, hacks etc should be sent to @ModMail on discord, to avoid revealing them to the public!)

Don’t know how to report bugs? Watch this video and find out how you can help the community!

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