Write to the piggo!

For fan mail, questions, help with farms/redstone, suggestions, feedback, critique or anything else, join our Discord server! We have a dedicated channel for feedback, or you can tweet at me on Twitter!

If you need help with a farm, design, contraption or build of mine, please head over to the #help channel in our Discord server:)

Note: Make sure to read the pinned comment on tutorials, including the description! Chances are you are having a common problem, and there is an easy fix for it:)

If you ever find any bugs you think should be on bugrock, feel free to post them in the #feedback-bugs channel in our Discord! (Exploits, dupes, hacks etc should be sent to @ModMail in our Discord, to avoid revealing them to the public!) Make sure to report bugs to the bug tracker too! Watch this video to find out how!

For proper business inquires, you can email me directly using my business email here.

Thanks! I can’t wait to talk with you! 😊