Silent: Piggo, redstoner, derp, bootiful, bad at the words, tea drinker

Hello! I’m silent! You probably knew that already if you are here though😋 I’ve been playing Minecraft since June of 2015 when I first got Xbox 360 edition, and have been loving it ever since! I started my channel in May of 2016 and have been trying my best ever since to not completely mess it up! 🥴 Seems like I’m doing pretty alright so far!

I started YouTube thanks to great inspiration from major creators, some of which I now proudly call friends! Ever since the start I wanted to help others, and have fun along the way. Designing technical farms and contraptions was the most direct way, but I eventually branched out and started covering bugs, in an attempt to get them fixed, or share the useful ones:) Let’s not forget the derpy conundrums we find ourselves in, in survival worlds too! Those always help lighten the mood:3

Overall, the community is what I love the most about Minecraft! We can likely all agree, it’s one of the best out there! I’ve strived over the years to cultivate an amazing and kind community of our own, and thanks to you, we have! I wouldn’t have it any other way. The silence is one of the kindest, and most open communities I’ve seen around, and it totally warms my heart 🥰

Nowadays we only play on Bedrock Edition, and have made this weird and quirky game our home, but in the past we also had major parts in the legacy console and java communities too.

No matter what you love about Minecraft, or what platform you play, we welcome you to join our community, hangout, chat, and have some fun! 💕 Learn more about our YouTube journey!

Learn more about our journey!