Fan Servers

Our community is home to many fun fan servers and community Minecraft worlds! Currently we have two public Minecraft servers, Whisper Craft and the Plotworld! Whisper Craft is a survival Bedrock Edition server, and the Plotworld is a creative crossplay server (Bedrock & Java)! Both are free to join to anyone willing to apply via our Discord server:)

We also have a Patron Minecraft server, Derptopia (Bedrock)! If you would like to join Derptopia you can learn more on their respective pages, or on Patreon! Our older Patron server Piglandia (Java) has closed down, but we have new server ideas in the works to replace it:)

If you would like to support the creation of future fan servers, and the running of current fan servers, consider checking the Support page!

All our fan servers use the most recent version of Minecraft!

We are also looking to launch another public fan server this year! Once the geyser plugin that allows Java/Bedrock cross-play becomes more stable, a public java server will be on the way! 😀 Stay Tuned!

Whisper Craft

Public, Survival, Bedrock

All of our fan servers are proudly hosted by Nodecraft! Nodecraft allows you to host 30+ games per server, and swap between them seamlessly! Nodecraft servers are extremely easy to setup, and they have amazing customer support! Save 30% on your first month by using my link:)



Patron, Survival, Bedrock

Plot World

Public, Creative, Crossplay


Patron, Survival, Java